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“Significance of HR Subject for Students” - Professor M.S.Rao

“The best HR people are a kind of hybrid: one part pastor, who hears all sins and complaints without recrimination, and one part parent, who loves and nurtures, but gives it to you fast and straight when you’re off track.” – Jack Welch

On the other day, I was asked to deliver a brief lecture for five minutes on the significance of HR (Human Resources) subject for MBA students. Although I taught HR, soft skills, and leadership, I found myself struggling for condensing the HR content within my mind. Then I lectured as follows:

In a country like India, most of the students prefer either marketing or finance, and very few students choose HR subject as they either find it uninteresting or boring.  Some students think that they may not find employment opportunities. In addition, there is a general perception that women choose HR domain as they can work in office thus avoiding physical mobility. Hence, I implored students to take up the subject as per their interest and aptitude rather than going by herd instinct. Especially choosing the right domain will help them enjoy their careers.

People in the past thought that HR was basically for wining and dining. It was like conducting parties for employees and keeping them in good humor during employment. Currently the trend has changed as it is the people who build the organizations. Hence, there is more significance attached to HR. When you look at Infosys Technologies in India, it grew basically because of a strong HR. 

HR deals from recruitment to retirement and it involves various activities in its fold such as training, grooming, performance appraisals, pay and incentives to name a few.  There is a slogan in HR, ‘hire slowly and fire fast’. It means when the employers recruit they must be careful in looking at the suitability, capability, eligibility of the candidates apart from attitude. The HR also emphasizes more on attitude than experience as an employee with great attitude with less experience is preferred over the one with a nil attitude with great experience. Precisely, HR people hire for attitude and recruit for skills. If they find that the attitude is good then they are prepared to recruit the candidates to train them.  

Finally I implored MBA students to follow their heart and take up the area in which they are comfortable and confident to succeed as HR professionals.

“If you want to manage people effectively, help them by making sure the org chart leaves as little as possible to the imagination. It should paint a crystal-clear picture of reporting relationships and make it patently obvious who is responsible for what results.” – Jack Welch

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