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“Learn to Appreciate Differences” - Professor M.S.Rao

“All differences in this world are of degree, and not of kind, because oneness is the secret of everything.” - Swami Vivekananda

With the rapid changes in technology the globe has become a small village. We need to change with the changing times and technologies to stay ahead of others. At the same time, we must learn to appreciate differences. Here are the tools to appreciate the differences:

Love your mother but don’t hate others’ mother. As your mother is precious to you, the others’ mother is precious to them. As your religion, region, culture, community, language, and caste is precious to you, it is equally precious to others. When you look at from this perspective you appreciate the differences. 

Empathize with others. Empathy is the ability to look from the perspective of others. It is the ability to step into the shoes of others, and look from others’ perspective.  In fact, when you empathize with others most of the problems in the world will be resolved easily. Of course, when you empathize there is least scope for problems!

Look at the similarities, not differences. When you look at differences, everything sounds strange and complicated whereas when you see commonalities in everything, you find everything pleasant in this world.  Hence, develop such perception to look at similarities among others.

Be tolerant towards others.  Open up and talk to people, you will develop more tolerance.

Travel various places as traveling opens the window to the outside world. Otherwise, you remain like a frog in the world. In addition, travel is a component of investigation and a spur to idea generation.

When you look at commonalities the conflicts can be minimized and communication can be maintained leading to fraternity.  Follow these tips and you will find minimizing the differences; appreciating them; and looking at commonalities among others. It takes you to be a leader with a global perspective.

India is a land of unity in diversity.  Despite being differences in religions, regions, languages, races, ethnicities, and communities Indians are united on one plank of Indianness which substantiates the slogan of ‘unity in diversity’.  Swami Vivekananda highlighted India’s greatness in Chicago Conference by addressing the entire audience as ‘brothers and sisters’ which shows oneness and togetherness among the people cutting across all barriers. Indian culture has great degree of tolerance, and this land is one of the best lands on the earth as it absorbed various cultures, religions, races, and communities in its fold since time immemorial. To conclude in the words of M. Scott Peck, “Share our similarities, celebrate our differences.”

“Strength lies in differences, not in similarities.” - Stephen Covey

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