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“The More You Sweat in Peace, the Less You Bleed in War” - Professor M.S.Rao

"Spectacular achievement is always preceded by unspectacular preparation." - Robert H. Schuller

The title sounds strange for both teachers and students right! You must be thinking how a professor can write in a military jargon while sending his message across to teachers and students.  Yes! It is a novel way of reaching out to teachers and students. I would like to write in a different perspective where I would like the preparation of a solider during peace time to that of a teacher who prepares during non-teaching hours, and the fighting of a soldier in the battlefield to that of a teaching of a teacher in the classroom. Soldiers sweat hard during peace time and find out various tools and techniques to fight with their enemies during war to protect their motherland. They sacrifice everything including their lives during war for the sake of their country. Similarly, teachers sweat hard during non-teaching hours to update and upgrade themselves so that they stand firmly on their feet during the classroom session. Some of the civilians think that soldiers do nothing during peace time, and it is a myth.  Similarly, some students and non-teaching staff in educational institutions think that teaching staff earn a lot of money by sitting and reading in front of the computer systems.  In fact, they must know that teaching is an intellectual activity where teachers influence not only the studies of students but also their lives.

During non-teaching hours teachers read extensively about various teaching tools and techniques to upgrade themselves to meet the rising aspirations and expectations the students. They also do research about the subject they teach, and like to stay ahead of students as students of this generation of more intelligent than the teachers who studied much long ago with old concepts.  In addition, students have access to internet, and teachers have to go beyond books and internet to earn respect from students.

Great teachers not only prepare during non-teaching hours but also prepare during non-working hours so as to acquire command over their subjects. It sounds like preparation for chopping of a tree. You need a sharpened axe to chop the tree.  Therefore, you grind your axe before to chop the tree easily. Similarly, teachers must sweat more during non-teaching hours to strain less during the classroom session. No teacher can afford to stand dumbstruck when students shoot questions in the classroom. No soldier can afford to lose a battle when enemies attack.  Hence, not only soldiers and teachers but also the people of all professions must sweat more during peace time to bleed less during execution of their professional roles and responsibilities.   

Sometimes I feel that soldiers and teachers are more or less the same as soldiers serve the country by fighting on the battlefield while the teachers serve students by sharing their knowledge in the classroom.  Soldiers fire with guns while teachers write with pens.  Regardless of the profession, those who work hard during the normal time will deliver amazing results when the time approaches. Remember the words of Horace: “No one can ever reach to excellence in any one art or profession without having passed through the slow and painful process of study and preparation.”

"The foundation of confidence in virtually every field is preparation." -- Brian Tracy

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