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“Bounce Back from Failures” - Professor M.S.Rao

“Don’t fear failure so much that you refuse to try new things.  The saddest summary of a life contains three descriptions: could have, might have and should have.” – Louis E. Boone

Everyone wants to achieve success and nobody appreciates failures. In fact, failure is part of our lives as it teaches many lessons. The people who face failures are more empathetic towards others, and are more mature and cautious in their endeavors. They often think in a number of ways to come out of their challenges successfully unlike others who achieve success regularly. In contrast, the people who did not face any failures rarely empathize with others as they take everything for granted.

God is great as He balances everything, and He mostly gives both successes and failures so that people lead balanced lives and stay level headed. Some people learn lessons from failures and become more mature, and make sure that they don’t repeat their mistakes.  They design their future strategies based on their past experience to achieve success in future. However, there are people who don’t learn any lessons and make the same mistakes and fail repeatedly.  Also some people get depressed with their failures and don’t try at all.  The people those who face failures must learn that neither the failure nor the success is permanent. God creates peaks and valleys to human beings to balance their lives so that they understand the meaning of life.  

There are a few people who have the ability to bounce back from failures and rise like Phoenix because they don’t take failures personally.  They motivate themselves as and when they fail, find out the reasons for failures to ensure that the mistakes are not repeated in future. They also take responsibility for their failures without blaming others and move forward. Such people have the better chances of reaching to the top.  There are a number of scientists including Edison; a number of politicians including Abraham Lincoln and George Washington; and a number of entrepreneurs including Colonel Sanders who achieved big finally because of their resilience and tenacity.  Hence, don’t get dejected when faced with failures.  Learn lessons and move forward with optimism and confidence to touch your tipping point.

"Toughness gives you the resilience to keep pressing on, even if your determination and optimism are lagging." -- Denis Waitley


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