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“I am a Professor and I Love my Profession!” – Professor M.S.Rao – Teachers Day Special - 2014

Dear Leaders,

Here is my message to teachers and students on the eve of Teachers Day – 2014

“In a completely rational society, the best of us would be teachers and the rest of us would have to settle for something less, because passing civilization along from one generation to the next ought to be the highest honor and the highest responsibility anyone could have.”―Lee Iacocca

Indians celebrate September 5 as a Teachers Day on the birth anniversary of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, the second President of India, as a mark of respect to teachers. Indians hold teachers with great respect and they respect teachers next to their mothers and fathers.

A Great Teacher Inspires

Ordinary educators share their knowledge. Good educators not only share their knowledge but also ensure that the acquired knowledge is effectively applied. Great educators go beyond books to inspire students. They are passionate. They share ideas and insights. They take amazing and inspiring stories to connect with students to enable them to dream and achieve big. They change the mindset of the students. They build positive and right attitude among students. They help students discover their potential. They make students realize where do they stand and where they must go. They are visionaries who know where to take their students and how to transform them as good citizens.

I am a Professor and I Love my Profession

I have the habit of inspiring everyone to pursue education, not for employment but for empowerment and enlightenment. It is my job as a professor! Whenever young boys and girls greets me when I was passing on the road, I stop and enquire them whether they are pursuing education. If they don’t pursue education, I implore them to pursue. If they say that they don’t have money, I tell them to work, earn money and spend some time regularly for education. I hailed from humble origins and rose from ranks to the position of professor. I know how tough it is to come up to this level without any financial support and that too, by earning and learning. I entered into employment when I was only just 18 years old with little education and then worked hard during the day time and studied during night time to acquire many qualifications including the highest academic qualification - PhD, and ultimately came up to this level. Since I demonstrated it by setting an example to others, I inspire others to follow my path. Once it is possible for me, it is possible for others as well!

A doctor saves the lives of everyone including his enemy as the profession demands it. An engineer builds infrastructure and works for the betterment of society including his detractors. I belong to the noble profession of teaching which is the mother of all professions. Hence, I preach good things to others and also I practice them.  Remember, I am a professor and I love my profession! 

As the Mother is to a Child, the Teacher is to a Student

At times an educator can be compared with a mother. When the child does not eat food, mother shares fascinating stories to her child and offers food. The child enjoys food by listening to stories. It not only helps the child grow physically but also grow mentally. Similarly, educators must share several inspiring stories with their students while sharing their knowledge. If educators share their knowledge only without any stories, it leads to boredom and monotony as students cannot digest too much of information and they resist listening to lectures. Students appreciate the educators who can mix various ingredients during their teaching sessions such as stories, interaction, humor, knowledge; and match them as per their expectations. As mother cooks food and feeds to the child with stories, the educators must prepare their content with various ingredients and must share them with stories in the classroom to groom them as well rounded personalities.  An ideal teacher must adopt the following practices to build strong and healthy students:
  • Come out of your comfort zone. Plan properly for the teaching session to roll out effectively. Take feedback after each teaching session to find out where you went well and wrong. Adopt the ones that worked and analyze the ones that did not work to improve and deliver better in the next session.
  • Appreciate the fact that you are generating generations. Hence, be careful when you walk your talk in the campus. Students may look at negative things rather than the positive things. Hence, take all efforts to present positive body language to earn respect from your students.
  • Demonstrate a positive attitude as educator’s attitude is very important to achieve learning outcomes.
  • Make your teaching sessions student-centric, not teacher-centric. Don’t teach what you know. Find out the expectations of students, acquire knowledge on it, and then teach to connect with them to inspire.

Teachers must don multiple hats like counselors, leaders and parents as per the situation to connect with students. Currently the expectations of the students are rising globally. Hence, educators must raise their bar constantly to learn, unlearn and relearn with the changing times and technologies to stand as great educators.

Students must outsmart their Teachers  

Educators share their knowledge, ideas and insights with their students.  They make a difference in the lives of their students with their passion, knowledge and experience.   And the students acquire knowledge from their educators and apply it in their real lives and reap rewards greatly. In fact, application of knowledge is more important than the acquisition of knowledge. Educators have knowledge and ideas which they may not be able to apply in their lives as their main role is to share knowledge as per the expectations of their students, and to make them successful.  Hence, they are engaged with their task of creating, generating, and sharing their knowledge with others.  On the other hand, the students apply the acquired ideas and insights in a number of areas and reap great rewards.  Students work very hard in their lives and ultimately, they make it big and achieve greatness.  Therefore, the roles of both educators and students are different. 

Parents want to see the success of their children.  When children succeed the parents are happy since they treat their children’s success as their success.  Similarly, educators are happy when they see the success of their students, and they feel that they are successful in their lives.  Above all, a true parent’s success lies in the success of their children, and a true educator’s success lies in the success of their students.  To summarize, educators remain as educators whereas the students must outsmart their educators to grow as great leaders.

Message to Students on Teachers Day

Most students who pass out from educational institutions are of the opinion that they don’t have to learn further in the corporate world. In fact, what they must understand is that learning is a process from cradle to grave. What they acquired in educational institutions is only from academic perspective to receive paper qualifications that serve as passports to their employment interviews. During the interview if the employers find that the candidates have the potential to learn and grow with a right attitude, they will be provided with employment offers. After joining the corporate, the candidates must learn about the products and services that the companies are offering to their clients and mould themselves accordingly. Therefore, the real learning starts at the corporate world.

The students must appreciate the fact that the world is interconnected and nobody can work alone. There is volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity everywhere. The information is spread quickly from one corner to another corner of the world through internet. The knowledge is expanding rapidly and they must choose to acquire the right knowledge. They must learn to synthesize the knowledge to apply it effectively. The present world offers both opportunities and threats, and it depends on how they view the situation. An optimist has the ability to identify the opportunities from threats whereas the pessimist treats every opportunity as a threat. They must view positively to identify the opportunities and exploit them fully. If someone doesn’t utilize the opportunities, others are ready to grab and exploit them as the competition is cut-throat everywhere. Hence, it is essential to acquire acumen to identify opportunities to explore and exploit them effectively to grow as successful citizens and leaders.

On the eve of Teachers Day both teachers and students must take a pledge to contribute their best to build a healthy society and a better world.

"A teacher affects eternity he can never tell, where his influence stops." - Henry Brooks Adams    

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