Monday, 17 March 2014

List of International Publications by Professor M.S.Rao - Author of 27 Leadership Books India

Read the list of international publications

American Society for Training and Development - ASTD (T +D Magazine)
Leader to Leader Journal (USA)
ICT (Emerald Journal, UK)
PhD paper ‘Enhancing employability in engineering and management students through soft skills’ URL:
ICT (Emerald Journal, UK)
Exploring “Meka's method” to achieve effective teaching and training outcomes URL:
ICT (Emerald Journal, UK)
ICT (Emerald Journal, UK)
Soft leadership: a new direction to leadership URL:
DLO (Emerald Journal, UK) 
Is cutting development and training in a recession a good idea? Looking at the IT and ITeS sector in India URL:
DLO (Emerald Journal, UK)
Interview with Professor M.S. Rao, author of Secrets of Your Leadership Success – The 11 Indispensable E's of a Leader URL:
HRMID (Emerald Journal, UK)
Smart leadership blends hard and soft skills: … and emphasizes the importance of continuous learning URL: 
HRMID (Emerald Journal, UK)
Can HR leaders excel as company chief executive? URL:
HRMID (Emerald Journal, UK)
Blend hard and soft skills to fast-track a management career 
HRMID (Emerald Journal, UK)
Twenty-one steps to successful leadership: Coaching is better than poaching when engaging executives of the future 
UN Post Published ‘Vision to Build Global Leaders’ URL:  
UN Post Published ‘Volunteer to Make a Difference’ URL:  
UN Post Published ‘Mandela – Mahatma Gandhi of South Africa’ URL:  
UN Post Published ‘Religion and Love to Achieve World Peace’ URL:  
UN Post Published ‘Universal Brotherhood for International Peace’ on the eve of International Day of Peace URL:  
UN Post Published ‘Messenger of Non-Violence and World Peace’ URL:  
UN Post Published ‘An Honor to be a Woman in India’ URL:    
UN Post Published ‘Build Leadership for Women Leaders’ URL:  
UN Post Published ‘Mahatma Gandhi – Soft Leadership’ URL:  
UN Post Published ‘Soft Leadership and Youth for Peace and Prosperity’ URL:    
UN Post Published ‘Build Leaders Around You to Make a Difference’  URL:   
UN Post Published ‘Build Your Leadership Brand’ URL:  
UN Post Published Interview ‘International Leadership’ URL:  
Book Reviews Published in HRMID Emerald Journal, U.K (Volume 21 Number 4 2013)
Chief Learning Officer Magazine (US)
The Journal of Values Based Leadership (USA)
Journal of Business Studies Quarterly (US)
Academic Leadership Online Journal (USA)
International Journal of Professional Management (UK)
The Leaders International (Malaysia)
Under30CEO published article ‘Acquire Soft Skills to Fast-Track Your Career Success’
ELT Reserch Journal (Turkey)
www.Career-Journal.Com (Germany)
African Journal of Business Management (Africa)
Promota Magazine (UK)
International Journal of Marketing Management
Deshmond Tutu Foundation
African Leadership Magazine (Africa)
Daily Edventures featured interview in the column ‘A Hero in Education’ URL:

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