Thursday, 13 March 2014

“Do You Know my Crush?”- Professor M.S.Rao

Since childhood I have a crush. I am interested in her. I am passionate about her. I am mad about her. Whenever I looked at her I was excited and I was inspired. I admired her. I ignored other aspects.

When I joined primary school for the first time I was very happy with her. Usually crush ends after some years as people often shift their tastes and run behind others. In my case, I have fascination for the same crush. After joining high school I could not leave her. I was more interested in her. I entered into employment when I was barely 18 years old. I still had crush on her. I married a woman of my choice who I loved deeply. I still had crush on her. I was blessed with two sons. I still have crush on her. When I was in financial challenges my crush helped me become a professor. I started respecting my crush greatly as she stood by me when I was in deep financial troubles.  Even today I have crush on her. The specialty  is that I maintained consistency in my crush. I am sure I will maintain the same crush on her until my death. Do you know who she is …….? Guess? …Her name is Saraswati! She will not allow me to fail and fall. She would hold my hand until my last breath. I am happy with her. I am excited with her. It is a great honor to have crush on her.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my crush. Find out your crush!

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