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“Hallmarks of an Ideal and Ethical Educational Institution” - Professor M.S.Rao

“Ethics must begin at the top of an organization. It is a leadership issue and the chief executive must set the example.” - Edward Hennessy

There are a number of educational institutions that are mushrooming in India. Some of the entrepreneurs are not passionate to build institutions but to make quick money by establishing educational institutions which is a step in the negative direction. To make things worse, there are liquor contractors and real estate agents who founded educational institutions with a view to make quick money.  Keeping this in view, AICTE and other bodies are investigating the erring educational institutions that do not comply with their guidelines. They have instructed some of the erring educational institutions to close down to enhance quality of education to the students and ensure sanctity of educational institutions.  In fact, an ideal educational institution should have many hallmarks. Here are some of the hallmarks:   

An ideal educational institution must be faculty friendly and employees’ friendly. It must have very good organizational culture to attract and retain the best talent. It must give intellectual freedom to faculty to share their knowledge with students. Every faculty is different with their own styles and types of teaching pedagogy. Hence, they must be given freedom to teach as per the expectations of the students. It must take feedback from students to evaluate the performance of faculty. It should not encourage other faculty members to give feedback to their colleagues as it leads to organizational politics. Since people are different with emotions, egos and feelings, there may be room for colleagues to give negative feedback to settle their professional scores. Hence, taking feedback from students is always desirable and advisable. The feedback report must be sent to the faculty to find out the gap areas to improve their performance.

An ideal educational institution must not stop the salary of its employees as it projects the institution in a poor light. If any attempts are made to stop salary in the name of indiscipline or non-performance, it presents the institution in a poor light thus bringing down the image of the institution and demoralizing other employees.

If case of any controversies or complaints, it is always advisable to take 360 degree feedback where all stakeholders will give their feedback. The board of directors of the institution must follow it carefully and take action accordingly. Even if the faculty or the students go on strike, it should not take revenge and remain impartial in redressing their grievances. Above all, an ideal educational institution must adopt ethical values to maintain its brand and to ensure longevity.

Remember, only when the educational institutions are ethical, they will be able to create healthy culture; provide character education to students and impart ethical values to others.

"Ethics is the maintaining of life at the highest point of development." - Albert Schweitzer

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