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"You need to Dig Tons of Ore to Get an Ounce of Gold” - Professor M.S.Rao

“The educator must believe in the potential power of his pupil, and he must employ all his art in seeking to bring his pupil to experience this power.” - Alfred Adler 

There are two kinds of people in the world. One kind is the people with optimism and another kind is the people with pessimism. The people with optimism often look at the door that is opened while the people with pessimism often look at the door that is closed. The people with optimism look at the bottle as half-full while the people with pessimism look at the bottle as half-empty. The optimists look at the rising sun while the pessimists look at the setting sun. The optimists look at the good qualities in others while the pessimists look at the bad qualities in others.  Optimists appreciate the strengths in others while the pessimists criticize the weaknesses in others. Which kind of person are you?

Human mind is very powerful. It can either make or break anything. If you know how to make use of it for your progress and for the progress of society, you can stand out from others for good reasons, and you can excel as a taller person in stature. I have a lifetime goal to build one million students as global leaders. I have created five-step process to shortlist students to groom them as global leaders. The reason for making five steps is to assess their performance and commitment towards my cause at each level. If I am convinced that they make a difference to the society regularly, I gradually promote them to the next higher level, and finally they reach the level 5. In this way, I envisioned to create 50 die-hard followers who can take my vision and passion forward. This process is to build 50 best students who in turn create 50 best students as global leaders on non-profit basis. In this way, I want to make a difference to the society.  These 50 top die-hard followers are the students I develop apart from the students I am directly training and grooming them as global leaders. I understand that this is a challenging task to execute my passion and vision but I am confident that I will make it happen.

One of the students recently asked me a question, “What is the guarantee that the students you select are your genuine followers, and are committed ones like you. You are sowing the seeds and most of them will walk away with fruits, and may not sow the seeds the way you are sowing.”  I smiled and told her as follows: “I am optimistic by nature. I am aware that there will be fake followers during this selection process. But I am optimistic that majority of them will be good citizens who are ready to bring a positive change within the society. I added that you need to dig tons of ore to get an ounce of gold. I know that a lot of students with scrap will come up during my selection process but I am happy that I am able to get an ounce of gold that can change the world.  That gives me a great satisfaction!” 

Companies recruit employees with an intention that they will work for a long time. They invest lots of money on training and development on employees to achieve better performance and productivity, and to achieve organizational excellence and effectiveness. Companies are optimistic. What happens when the trained employees leave their organizations for better pastures elsewhere?  Companies think positive and invest in employees! They cannot start with a negative mindset that the trained employees will leave their organizations.  

Hence, look at the positive side of life, not the negative side. Look at the gold, not the dirt. Think of an ounce of gold, not the tons of scrap that goes as waste during the process of leadership development. Work for satisfaction, not for recognition. Above all, be a giver, not a taker. Don’t expect anything for others. Deliver your best to make a difference to the world.

"With ordinary talent and extraordinary perseverance, all things are attainable." -Thomas Buxton

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