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“Pawan Kalyan is only a REEL Power Star but Professor M.S.Rao is the REAL Power Star!”

“Character is like a tree and reputation like a shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing.” - Abraham Lincoln

I often talk about Pawan Kalyan during my leadership training programs. The energy, enthusiasm and ecstasy are intense among the audiences whenever I utter the name of Power Star, Pawan Kalyan. In one of my recent leadership training programs, I shared with my audience that Pawan Kalyan is a Real Power Star. But some of my followers objected to my statement and told me out of affection that ‘Pawan Kalyan is only a REEL Power Star but you are the REAL Power Star.” I justified as follows:

On-screen image of power star is totally different than the off-screen image as he respects women the way I respect. Pawan strongly believes in family and values system the way I do. I enlightened them with an incident where Pawan saved the life of a light man who encountered electric shock by physically carrying him the way I handhold and carry forward my students. He connected with common man because of such kind gestures. He reads books like me and is the follower of Swami Vivekananda like me. Above all, Pawan has a great heart to help others without expecting anything in return. He strongly believes in character, conviction, courage and commitment the way I believe in. Pawan and I work for satisfaction, not for recognition.  We both strongly believe in the philosophy of ‘commitment to the cause is more important than the outcomes’.

More than the acting, Pawan has charisma which is unmatchable and unparalleled in the Telugu film industry. He has a unique mannerism. He doesn’t follow the trend but sets the trend.  He doesn’t compare with others but competes with himself. He has a great heart to accommodate his competitors in the film industry. He treats entire Telugu film industry as his family. He believes in humility and simplicity. That is the reason why there is Pawanism!

Pawanism is nothing but loving one’s own country, respecting women and standing by principles and philosophies despite being under challenges and threats; and when there seemed to be no light at the end of the tunnel. All these things made him as the Real Power Star beyond his screen image. His extraordinary attitude, personality and behavior made him stand out as a living legend. Pawan doesn’t have fans, only devotees. Precisely, Pawan is the unparalleled ultimate emperor in the Indian film industry.

Finally, I persuaded my fans and followers that Pawan Kalyan is not only a REEL Power Star but also the REAL Power Star! To conclude, Professor M.S.Rao is not the real power star but Professor M.S.Rao is the short form of (Professor Megha Star Rao) and Pawan Kalyan is like my younger brother. And I love my younger brother – Pawan Kalyan very much for his honesty and integrity. My best wishes are always with him to touch his tipping point!

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"Personality can open doors, but only character can keep them open." - Elmer G. Letterman

Life is great!

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