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“An Ant and Elephant – Short Stories on Attitude and Reality” - Professor M.S.Rao

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” - Winston Churchill

One of my friends shared two stories on ant and elephant. In fact, I don’t know that my friend has such a great sense of humor. Usually she looks serious and I had an initial impression that she was introvert and reserved by nature. I recognized her potential only when she shared two amazing stories. However, I have customized these stories to suit to the profile of my readers. Here are the two stories with well punched messages:

First Story - Attitude

Once there was an ant hiding behind the tree with a master plan. Having observed this, the passerby asked the ant, “Why are you hiding behind the tree?”
The ant replied, “I am waiting for somebody which is suspense.”
The passerby asked, “May I know what the suspense is all about?”
The ant replied with tons of fire in his belly, “I am waiting behind the tree for an elephant which is going to arrive here at any moment.”
The passerby asked, “Are you angry with the elephant?
The ant replied, “I am very angry with the elephant and I will teach her a lesson today.”
The passerby enquired, “What did the elephant do to you?”
The ant responded, “Elephant overstepped me once and I somehow escaped from death.”
The passerby curiously asked, “What will you do to the elephant now?”
The ant replied angrily, “I will topple the elephant today and teach a lesson!”
The passerby appreciated the ant’s amazing attitude and was convinced that it is the strength that matters, not size.
The passerby thought: What a great attitude! The ant wants to take on the mighty elephant the way the David took on the mighty Goliath!

Second Story – Pressure versus Pleasure

A female elephant and male ant loved intensely.  They encountered several challenges to prove their love to their parents. Finally, they persuaded their parents and got married.

After marriage, the female elephant is sleeping outside the home rather than with the male ant which sleeps inside the home. The kith and kin often inquired female elephant the reason for sleeping outside. Initially the elephant hesitated to unveil the reason to others as it felt that others might suspect its size and strength and might not respect, if the real reason is revealed.  The relatives asked the female elephant repeatedly to know the real reason. Finally, the female elephant disclosed that the male ant was biting inside the home every day. The relatives laughed and enlightened the elephant that it is quite natural as it is the pleasure of the male ant to bite the female elephant and it is pressure and also a great privilege for the female elephant to be bitten by the male ant. Having realized the truth, the female elephant went inside the home and started to sleep with the male ant to get bitten daily.  

I hope you have enjoyed reading these humorous and thought provoking stories! Remember, all the work and no play makes the Jack dull.

“Life is too short and too hard and too serious not to be humorous about it. We look for attitudes, people with a sense of humor, who don’t take themselves too seriously.” – Herb Kelleher

Life is great!

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