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“Manage External Threats to Excel as a Leader” - Professor M.S.Rao

"There comes a special moment in everyone's life, a moment for which that person was born. That special opportunity, when he seizes it, will fulfill his mission—a mission for which he is uniquely qualified. In that moment he finds greatness. It is his finest hour."  - Winston Churchill

Why do some people succeed while some people fail in their lives? It is the persistence that makes all the difference! Those who persist despite facing failures will succeed finally, and those who give up will not be able to achieve success.

There are two things you must manage in your life – internal and external factors. Internal factors are within your control while the external factors are beyond your control. Most of the people take precautions and avoid internal challenges through preparation and anticipation. However, people cannot anticipate external challenges. When faced with external challenges most of the people often get vexed up and give up finally.   Here comes the difference between the followers and the leaders. The followers give up and follow others while the leaders persist and take the challenges head-on, and address effectively by finding out the root causes thus managing the challenges successfully. The leaders ensure that things don’t go out of their control. However, when they find that the things are going out of control, they apply their full mental energies, and put all efforts to ensure that the things are falling in line as per their expectations.   Remember that those who succeed in managing external threats by putting things on the track through persistence will succeed ultimately.  Hence, you must learn to address the issues and put the things on the main track from time to time, to soar like a leader.  Are you ready to become a leader?

"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity." - Elmer Letterman

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