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“Do You Elevate the Image of Your Educational Institution or does Your Institution Elevate Your Image?” - Professor M.S.Rao

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” - Eleanor Roosevelt

In October 2014, I was invited for an ‘interaction day’ for the students of management education of a prestigious business school in India. Interaction day is organized for new students in India to get them acquainted with the educational institution. On this day, the eminent speakers are invited to share their knowledge and experiences to inspire new students. The speakers shared their ideas and insights on management education and its importance for students to grow as successful professionals and leaders. I shared my ideas and insights on management education with young students. I asked them the reasons for pursuing management education in that particular business school only (The name of the business school is not disclosed). Most students responded that they joined the business school as it was a great brand. I was happy with their responses.  I shared my ideas on branding with them as follows:

Most students join prestigious educational institutions to add value to their resumes. They want to have the best education and enjoy the networking opportunities.  They aspire to acquire knowledge from the best faculty on management education. They also proudly share with others that they are studying in a prestigious business school. However, I asked students that they should not only take pride in pursuing education in a particular business school but also make sure that their business school take pride that these students were their alumni. That means instead of utilizing the image of their institution, the institution must utilize the images of their successful students.  For instance, Satya Nadella is the CEO of Microsoft, and the Manipal Institute of Technology in India proudly declares that Satya Nadella was its alumni.  Satya Nadella elevated the image of Manipal Institute of Technology globally after he became the CEO of Microsoft.  Therefore, students must elevate the images of their educational institutions by becoming successful in their corporate careers.   

I was happy to know that some of the students joined management education to pursue entrepreneurship.  I told them the difference between an entrepreneur with management education and an entrepreneur without formal management education.  The students with management education are better equipped to excel as entrepreneurs as they will be aware of various theoretical concepts and get exposed to various other bright students in the institution. The faculty shares several case studies and facilitates the teaching sessions effectively. It helps them exchange and expand their knowledge. Additionally, the industry experts and eminent speakers visit the institution to add their own knowledge and experiences. All these things help students become better entrepreneurs than the ones without formal management degrees.

I shared with them about the significance of soft skills as soft skills help them articulate their knowledge effectively to ensure smooth and successful communication in the workplace.  I told them the significance of dreaming big. I enlightened them that dream has nothing to do with their background.  Anybody can dream, and I called upon them not to be miserly in their dreams to achieve great success in their lives.

I implored them to have clarity in their minds and set their goals accordingly. I asked them to enjoy more of physical networking than social networking in the institution. Finally, I wished them good luck to become entrepreneurs rather than employees to build a prosperous society.

“A leader has the vision and conviction that a dream can be achieved. He inspires the power and energy to get it done.” — Ralph Lauren

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