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“Are You the Student who Fakes? If So, I Pity You!”- Professor M.S.Rao

“You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.” - Abraham Lincoln

I am passionate about students and contribute my best by inspiring them through my teaching and training programs. I share my knowledge when they come to my office. I clarify their career concerns to inspire them to excel as leaders with a positive mindset.  I want to bring a positive change in them to make a difference in their lives. I am aware that a few of the students have a rotten attitude to fool other students and faculty. In spite of their rotten behavior, I view them with an open mind to transform them as positive students. I buy books from market and gift them books to inspire them. Also, I have included the names of around 200 students so far in the dedication list of my four authored books. I regularly inform them through mails about the status of publication of these authored books. I also post the cover page designs of my upcoming authored books in social media especially Facebook page URL: to seek their feedback. I send them the sample cover page designs that I receive from my publisher through e-mail for finalization.  I encourage my students to participate in the decision making of my authored books such as choosing the title and the cover page design of my books so that they feel honored. I do so especially for the books in which their names are included in the dedication list of such books.  After publication of the book, I provide them with the addresses about the availability of my authored books along with online links to purchase.  My dedication helps students show the book during their employment interview. It serves as a reference apart from remaining it as a lifetime gift.

I am aware that it is a thankless job but I still do it as I am passionate about my students. I want to seem growing as good students and great citizens. I maintain a database of students containing their names, email ids and contact numbers. I check their names thoroughly in the dedication list to avoid their names being printed wrongly in my books. I do all these things as I am a giver. Some of my loyal students crowned me with a title, “Professor M.S.Rao, Born for the Students.” God gifted me a beautiful life and I must contribute to others before I depart this world. Hence, I author books and write articles on students to inspire them. Unfortunately, a few of them turned out to be with a rotten attitude and behavior.

A few students came to me with an attitude of gratitude and took my autograph on their dedicated books. They expressed that they were truly honored with my initiative and commitment. Their kind words served me as a motivation pill to dedicate my other authored books to more such deserving students. Some students honestly said that they would buy soon. Some of the students don’t buy books and tell lots of lies such as books were not available at the bookstore despite being the availability of the books. At times, they tell lies that they did not receive my e-mail. They also go to the extent of telling lies that they went to the bookstore to buy but books have already been sold.  I regularly stay in touch with the local bookseller who keeps getting books in bulk quantity to ensure seamless supply of books to reach out to my fans.   

Are you one of the fake students whose name appears in the dedication list and still fake? If you fake, I can only pity you as you lost an excellent opportunity! If you have already bought the book; met me and took my autograph, you are the deserving person to be dedicated in my book.

Remember, an extraordinary educator can be demotivated by a few rotten students and an ordinary educator can be motivated by a few good students. Are you a rotten student who fakes and demotivates your educator or are you a good student with a great attitude who inspires your educator?

“Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal, nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude” – Thomas Jefferson

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